Rebrand project for SporTV. By defining clear design principles, a flexible layout system and a motion branding guideline, we helped the brand enhancing its communication consistency across different platforms.
Sportv's onair was carried out in partnership between Globosat communication & branding and Beeld Motion studio

My Participation: Motion Graphics , IDs animation , Patterns animation

Marketing Director: Manuel Falcão
Communication & Branding Management: Ricardo Moyano
Creation Management: Leon Vilhena
Creation Coordination: Stanio Soares
Sound Branding: Gomus Music branding
Design and Animation Communication & Branding: Júlio Marcello, Diego Galluzzo, Antonio Simas, Anderson Gomes e Bruno Guerra.

Papito Jones, Marcelo Mourão, Greco Bernardi, Eduardo Tosto, Flávia Baltz, Danilo Silveira, Filippo Johansson, Andrew Henrique, Miguel Mourão, Rico Alves

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