Tokyo 2020 Olympics Promo Campaign - Sportv
Work made in a partnership between Comunicação and Branding Globosat & Koi Factory
In this project i was able to contribute in the project concept, some styleframes and 3D city background.
Direction: Comunicação e Branding Globosat
Coordination: Julio Marcello
Direction of Photography: Felipe Abraão
Production: PAV Globosat

Koi Factory:
Concept Art/Art Assets: Gustavo Chinaide, Luciana Jordão, Paulo Visgueiro, Renato Sideris
Art Direction: Luciana Jordão and Paulo Visgueiro
2D Animation: Paulo Visgueiro
Keying: Luciana Fintelmam
Post-Production/Compositing: Luciana Jordão, Leonardo Almeida and Paulo Visgueiro
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